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Howse to House is a division of WVW Broadcast Network.

Melissa Kay


    Melissa Kay is a gifted interior decorator, cook, personal shopper, and hostess. Melissa and her husband host Howse to House TV on the WVW Broadcast Network that highlights her love of entertaining, cooking, interior design and accessorizing. 


    Melissa Kay has hosted events in her own home for years that have included intimate and large dinners for such well-known guests as Michael Reagan (son of President Ronald Reagan), David Limbaugh, Kirk Cameron, Candace Cameron Bure, the Lt. Governor of Tennessee and more. Melissa Kay has also hosted large events in her home that have involved her serving a meal to over 50 guests on numerous occasions. Melissa Kay has also planned and administrated numerous corporate functions, banquets and executive events. 


    Whether a small or large gathering, Melissa Kay’s skill sets include her ability to prepare, organize, host, and decorate for any event ––whether casual or formal. Her attention to style, functionality and sensitivity to costs and budgets have made her a consultant for individual home owners, corporate functions and real-estate remodeling projects. 

    Melissa Kay is also the owner of a successful and growing boutique in the mid-south.



   Brannon Howse is a veteran broadcaster, radio and talk show host for almost 30 years. As the producer of numerous TV shows, he is excited to be working with his wife and best friend on a project he has envisioned for years.

   Howse to House TV Show will feature Melissa Kay, with Brannon there to interview her and highlight her expert abilities in the area of homemaking, entertaining, design, and decorating. 

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