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  • Why did WVW Broadcast Network launch this site?
    WVW Broadcast Network has a long history of launching companies that provide services to our viewers which also then generates revenue to help expand and maintain our free broadcast network.
  • When will your new TV show be available?
    Howse to House TV Show will launch its first episode in September 2019.
  • What makes your boutique site different from other online boutiques?
    Melissa Kay specifically purchases items that are about a specific style and class she believes accurately represents the style and class of the WVW Broadcast viewers. She also works extremely hard to find deals so she can pass the savings on to the viewers, which then makes our pricing extremely buyer friendly.
  • Where does Melissa Kay acquire most of her inventory?
    During the year, Melissa Kay goes to various markets throughout the south in her quest to find the most beautiful, unique, and budget friendly products for her store.


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