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Howse to House TV Show #2: Show Notes and Links

Updated: Sep 23, 2019


So excited to share with you our second show for Howse to House! Below you will find all the details from Show #2. Have you seen it yet? You can click here to view, or go to the TV Show tab on the menu right here on our website! Thanks for watching!



What an incredible treat to travel to Mansfield, Missouri to tour not only the museum, but the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, where she wrote her famous series of Little House books. In this segment we interviewed Marie, the docent at the Historic Museum, who gave us a lot of interesting information about nostalgic items in the museum, and also some amazing and endearing stories about their life.

If you would like to visit their website to find more information on their historic site, and also their upcoming events, click here. We highly recommend planning a trip with your family to visit such a wonderful place as this.

We are looking forward to showing you the tour we had of Laura's home in our upcoming show #3 of Howse To House, so stay tuned! Should air next weekend. 💜💜💜


Meet Delta Dawn, our beloved, crazy, hyper lab whom we love so very much.

Delta has a unique skill that we thought would be fun to show you. Normal labs might be hunters of some sort - quail, ducks, pheasants. Normal labs might also prefer to retrieve sticks thrown by their owners.

Delta? Normal? No. Her favorite thing to hunt is ROCKS. She's very particular about the rocks she dives for, and will pile them up on the shore to show us, after she rolls on them, ha.

If you have watched Brannon's show for any length of time, especially his Sunday night livestream class, you probably have caught some glimpses of Delta roaming through the studio. She's a precious, loyal dog that we absolutely adore.


Our family is always entertaining guests, whether it be friends from church, fellow broadcasters on Brannon's network, or friends of our kids. And when you have guests, of course, you must have food. I always have the ingredients necessary for whipping up, at least, some quick dips for last minute guests, or for serving while we watch football games, or movies.

On today's episode, we show you how to make two very simple, but delicious dips that your families will love. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do....


We sure hope you enjoyed our second TV show, and enjoyed reading our notes here on the blog. Thank you for watching and sharing with your friends.

Looking forward to many more fun episodes.... We'll continue with more of the "Little House" tour in the next one! Can't wait to share with you! 💜

For Howse to House-

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