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Howse to House TV Show #3: Show Notes and Links

So excited to share with you our show #3 for Howse to House! Below you will find all the details, including links, pics, and recipes. Have you seen it yet? You can click here to view, or go to the TV Show tab on the menu right here on our website! And if you haven't seen the first half of our visit to Mansfield, make sure you catch show #2. Thanks for watching!

In this segment, we include part B of our tour of Laura Ingalls Wilder's beautiful homes in Mansfield, Missouri, where our sweet tour guide, Rhonda, graciously described all about Laura and Almanzo's life on their 185 acre farm.

Still can't say enough about our amazing trip there! If you would like to visit their website to find more information on their historic site, and also their upcoming events, click here. Again, we highly recommend planning a trip with your family to visit such a wonderful place as this.

Many of you have emailed, texted, and some have even called us to tell us about your visits to this place. Have enjoyed hearing what you have learned, and what you loved most. Thank you for sharing with us!

Thrilled to be able to share with you some family favorite recipes that also fit in with our Little House theme, as both of these recipes are similar to ones found in Laura Ingalls Wilder's own cookbooks. Below are the recipes for Chicken Pot Pie, and also for Baked Apples, which my family just loves. You can also find the recipes on our "recipe" tab on our website, as well.

If you make either of them, please let me know what you think by replying to the blog, or sending an email to Would love to hear!

We hope you enjoyed show #3! Please share with your family and friends. We're very excited to announce that on our next show, we will be introducing you to our son, Logan, and our daughter, Libby. Great surprises coming. 💜

For Howse to House-

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