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PRE-SIMPLIFY Productivity Series: The Foundation

Before we launch into Simplify, (our method of decluttering and organizing every part of your life), we must establish a solid foundation to build upon. If good habits are not set into place at the start, the finish might never be attainable. There is much we can say about preparing to declutter everything. Most importantly, however, is my biggest rule behind the method. This is crucial. Are you sitting down? Are you ready for it? Simplify is not really a method…. IT’S A MINDSET.

For anyone to truly make significant changes in their life, especially in the area of decluttering and organizing, the adoption of a mindset must take place. I know far too many people who set out to radically clean and organize their space in one weekend, only to lapse back into disorganization a few short weeks later. If you want to make some lifestyle changes to become more organized and efficient, realize that it's just that––LIFESTYLE changes. It takes a long time to turn a whole ship around. Just remember that direction is more important than speed.

In the 1st part of this 3-part blog series on productivity coming up soon on The Blog, I’m aiming to help you understand the importance of not only taking control of your time, but maximizing it to the fullest potential. This is done by identifying the distractions in your life, eliminating them, then replacing them with good habits that will propel you to your goal. If habits are everyday tasks we do without thinking, then the more smart routines & positive habits we set in place, the less brainpower we need, which can then be funneled to other, more important projects. (And we ALL could use a little more brainpower, right??) But even with good habits in place, we must eradicate all the little time-grabbers in our day that weigh us down and hold us back from reaching our goals. We’ll deal with all of this in part 1 of this series.

But what are your goals? Your next logical step would then be to clearly identify them. If you don’t know where you’re headed, it’s gonna be a little harder to get there. Are you interested in organizing your finances? ...down-sizing to a smaller place? ...entertaining more? ...or decluttering your entire house? Will YOU be bravely joining us on our journey to Simplify every area of your life (come on, you know you want to!!)? We’ll visit these goals in part 2 of this series and make sure you keep them in sight, because there is no better motivator than to fully embrace where you’re headed. Ever heard of the carrot before the horse?

The third part of the series will deal with practical tips we can implement that will make your journey easier and more enjoyable. We’ll also talk about the importance of taking good care of yourself, because we all know and understand that if we aren’t addressing some steps in basic self-care, we won’t perform at our best, and our goals will become dreams we never reach. (There's a reason why you are supposed to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others in an emergency on a plane.) And we’ll also learn the benefits of being pro-active with our tasks, our calendar, and with problem solving. Excited to share some fun essentials in part 3 that will help you better succeed at whatever you put your mind to!

Much to talk about. Lots to prepare for as we get ready to roll out Simplify. A house isn’t built without a foundation (no house-pun intended)… we’re just laying down that foundation before we start.


And here's some big news!

Are you interested in joining Team Simplify?

Those of you who want to adopt the mindset, learn the method, and begin taking steps toward a simplified home and a simplified life will soon have the opportunity to become a Simplify member (at no cost, of course). We’ll be rolling out more information as it gets finalized, but you can look forward to joining a community of other people just like you who are starting to Simplify. You'll be able to discuss your victories, frustrations, accomplishments, and goals. Post before and after pics. Encourage others and get encouragement! Nothing better than doing this alongside of other people, right? We’ll be forming a Simplify community all on our website coming soon! Watch for it!

But for now? Let's get prepared! Let's lay that foundation. Let's adopt a correct mindset, realizing that this will be a new lifestyle change––a marathon instead of a sprint. 😊 Part 1 of the productivity series on "time grabbers" is coming next on The Blog

Hope you are as excited as I am! 💜

For Howse to House,

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Julie Anders
Julie Anders
Sep 24, 2019

Oh Yay! We are moving forward with Simplifying! I was concentrating so much on your points & thinking of "goals" I almost missed the house pun! ;) Tonight I will write down my goals, if I don't get it done tonight, I'll continue with the project after reading my Bible tomorrow morning. I so love the thought of the ship turning, getting going in the right direction and following through at whatever speed--as long as it is forward! I'm so very excited, because this is going to make our house a refuge, a restful place for weary souls in the battleground of this world. Thank you! I'm in!


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