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I enjoyed the interesting and very informative show #1. You are beautiful together with one giving light and grace to the other. I will be able to glean from watching this professionally done show. Thank you.

– Suzanne C., Facebook

Love the idea of a Christian home and entertainment website!! This is an encouragement to us moms of faith. I plan to share this with my young daughters, too. Thank you, Melissa and Brannon!!! Also, appreciate the fact that your products are reasonably priced. Plan on purchasing a few of your cute items! Thank you!

– Sunny B., website form submission

I watched the Howse to House show on the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. You guys were awesome! Such great questions. Can't wait to see inside the white and stone houses.

– Linda S., Facebook

I was able to watch the show today! Really enjoyed the show. You did well, Melissa! Thank you for sharing your talents...

– Christy M., website form submission

Very good, keep up the good work!

– Mike W., Facebook

My wife is already talking about the furniture ideas she got from your first episode!

– Brandon H., Facebook

Bravo on a wonderful 1st episode on YouTube of Howse to House. I like the softer side of Brannon alongside Melissa Kay. ...It was a very gracious show sharing tips for us women in keeping our homes. They both are very busy people and didn't need another thing to do, so their servant hearts in bringing us such a program is noticed and appreciated. Thank you.

– Julie, website form submission

I picked up SO many tips! I will try shopping at 2nd hand on Mondays, there is a Goodwill near us that has some very nice pieces. I've got the types of paint & names locked in my mind. I love the idea of re-selling! The decorating tips, floral idea, the recipe, were all new to me. I love your thriftiness and making it your own. Also, showing the store products was nice, I was surprised the salt & pepper shakers were larger than I thought they were! Interesting content with a God honoring heart. Thank you! (And it wasn't too much information, and nothing was too complicated!)

– Julie A., Facebook

My daughter and I love the show. My daughter loves to do crafts, so this is so good for her to get ideas and things.

– Elizabeth O., Facebook

Can't wait to see more. Very enjoyable and love that you did the cooking, too! You two are adorable together! Melissa, you were amazing!

 – Lisa E., Facebook

I loved the first show! And yes, chalk paint is very forgiving. It's an easy way to give your furniture a new, updated look. I didn't know about drying hydrangeas. I also liked the cooking segment. When will the next show air?

 – Patty W., Facebook

Great program. I loved the two of you together. Also, a lot of great ideas packed into 30 minutes. Wow!

– Anne D., Facebook

This was so fun to watch! Loved it! Can't wait for the next one. I didn't know that hydrangeas were dried this way and will have to try the chicken recipe. ♥️ 

– Beth N., Facebook

Really liked the relaxed program, especially Brannon, after years of serious and intense broadcasting. Melissa is a cheerful treasure.

–Pat O., website form submission

Loved episode two! Fellow dog lover and Little House fan here. We’ve taken our now grown kids to all the Little House sites. Delta♥️. Melissa, you’re a natural at this. You’re doing great! 😊

–Patty W., Facebook

Very fun and informative!

– Pam K., Facebook

Yes, planning on making the chicken dish soon. Hubby said, 'sounds good!' You guys are a great team! 

– Wendy C., Facebook

Wonderful, you both did a great job. Very informative, yet not too long. Loved it, thank you!

– Mary K., Facebook

Brad and I just watched the first Howse to House today.  We certainly can see why your 29 year marriage is so happy.  The two of you compliment one another.  Brad and I could not stop laughing about your interaction with each other.  It appeared to us that Melissa was very clever on how she had you do most of the visual implementation, while she narrated and answered questions-lol!!  Your enthusiasm, support, and love for Melissa just shined through the program!  We also enjoyed the cameo appearances of Delta!  Perhaps looking for a tasty morsel to drop?  The show is just delightful!!  A nice break from all the heavy, but necessary, subject matter.


Your new best friends of Howse to House, 😂😂 

–Beth and Brad, email

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