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Let the Table Speak

Updated: Sep 23, 2019


A beautiful table setting sets the tone for any meal and can easily compensate and even outshine the main course! Presentation is everything and shouldn't be overlooked. Little things matter.

In our house, I take the extra time to present each meal in a beautiful way. I figure, if I've spent the time to create something delicious, it deserves to be served on a table that shows it off. Makes sense, right?

Do you remember those beautiful dishes you received for wedding gifts –– you know, the ones collecting dust on your hutch, or put away somewhere only to be used for "special occasions?" Well, go get them out! Use them! You carefully chose them (probably years and years ago), people spent their hard-earned money to bless you with them, so why not make every day special? Dishes are meant to be used, not just passed down to the next generation!

Every day is a precious gift from God. Every day should be treasured. If you spend the time to create a beautiful atmosphere at the table for the ones you love, this also silently teaches them the importance of spending time together at dinner, if not, at every meal. Enjoy the time God has given you with your family. It goes all too fast.


For Howse to House,

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