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Three Reasons Why I Love the Fall

Updated: Sep 23, 2019


Fall is coming. Count your blessings!

Is it really that time already? Just as I get used to the changing demands of a new season, it slips by into the next one, leaving me wondering if I've ever fully embraced all of my favorite parts of the season that just passed, or counted its many blessings. And doesn't time seem to go faster as we get older? Sure does for me, oh my. But every summer I have to remind myself that I do enjoy the fall, that I will be excited about the drastic change in weather, and that the glorious hot season of summer will be back in nine short months. Nine short months.

It's true, I'm a SUMMER gal all the way. Love the heat––the hotter the better. Now you may be thinking, 'but girl--you're in the SOUTH! You really enjoy that nasty 100% humidity?' I know, I know. Somehow I just love it, not sure why. But I digress. This blog post is about the fall. There are many reasons why I love the fall, and there are many blessings that I can count about this season. Here. I'll prove it to you. I'll share three.


Just love the flavor & smell of pumpkin. 'Tis the season. Scrumptious pumpkin desserts, savory pumpkin seeds, aromatic pumpkin it! Bran doesn't necessarily love pumpkin; actually, to be honest, he has a strong distaste for it. OK. He absolutely hates pumpkin. 😂 In fact, he teases me every fall about my need for at least one trip to the coffee shop to enjoy a pumpkin spice latté. He reluctantly sits across from me drinking his plain, boring coffee with cream and sugar, while I enjoy the delightful smell and flavor of my perfect pumpkin latté. What's that old saying about an old dog and new tricks?


We love living in a part of the country that experiences the beautiful change of seasons, producing those striking & magnificent colors of autumn painted all over the landscape. In an upcoming TV show, we'll be showing you how to use those beautiful fall leaves in your decor! I know of a gal who has a dear friend on the east coast send her beautiful fall leaves for her to use in her decorations. She gets a box delivered to her every year. Sweet friend, smart idea!

Part of the fun of fall decorating for me is bringing those gorgeous colors inside in a myriad of ways through candles, throws, pillows, and more. As much as I love summer, I do look forward to transforming my home into a warm and cozy space for the family to enjoy as we anticipate winter and all that it brings. Another blessing!


Picture this. Your family gathers round in the living room cuddling under soft throws, sipping on herbal tea, hot chocolate, or pumpkin flavored coffee, while the light from a dozen candles bounces off the walls and ceilings. The aroma of a delicious soup or stew you created that morning in the crockpot has drifted into the room, reminding you that it's dinnertime. You have your favorite fuzzy socks on (YES!). Soft music playing in the background mixes with the sound of rain from outside. Roaring fire in the fireplace. Ahhhhh.

OK, OK, that hardly ever happens in our house with our crazy schedules, but it's a nice thought, right? So are you getting over the coming loss of summer yet? I'm almost there. And maybe, just maybe, what will push me over the edge and onto the other side will be that first pumpkin spice latté date with my best friend. Ah, yes, now that's a blessing I'm counting.


For Howse to House,


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1 Comment

Julie Anders
Julie Anders
Sep 24, 2019

I love fall and so does hubby. But for me, growing up on a farm in Illinois, I have always loved the feeling accomplishment & relief of getting the crops in before Thanksgiving. And yes, Dad & Mom would splurge and have Oyster Stew, for us to celebrate. I never did have to eat an oyster, that's one thing I never did have to taste, LOL! To think back on all of God's blessings, His provision, His protection and being surrounded by loved ones and family is just a whole lot to be thankful for. And, dear family, we're thankful for families like yours and your support group, who work so hard to keep God's truths before us. Thank you.


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